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All of our coffee is from Tierra Farm and is Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified, and Shade Grown.  We buy the coffee in whole bean 1 lb bags and can grind it fresh to order.

Coffee Varieties:

  • Blonde Blend - Light Roast -Blend of Central American Beans, 

  • Peruvian – Medium Roast - Earthy and very smooth/low acid

  • Mexican - Medium Roast - Smooth with some lively notes

  • Honduran - Dark Roast - A balanced cup with low acidity

  • Nicaraguan - Dark Roast- Smooth rich, a kin to Italian or Vienna Roast - Good for Espresso

  • Papua New Guinea Dark Roast – Smooth, Full Body, Dark Chocolate notes – akin to French Roast

  • French Vanilla - (natural flavor) Medium Roast - Central American blend

  • Decaf - A not quite Dark Roast - from Guatemala 

  • Decaf - Breakfast Blend- A blend from multiple countries and medium and dark roasts

Other Coffee Options:

Mount Hagan Organic

  • Instant Colombian Coffee

  • Decaf Instant Coffee

Coffee substitutes:

Kaffree Roma Instant is made delicious roasted grains and spices


All of our tea is organic unless otherwise noted.  The brands we carry are Traditional Medicinal (TM), Yogi (Y), Choice Organic Teas (C), Organic India (OI), and Mate Factor (M).


  • Throat Coat (TM)

  • Gypsy Cold Care (TM)

  • Echinacea plus (TM)

  • Breath Easy (TM)

  • Echinacea  Immune Support (Y)


  • Peppermint (C)

  • Ginger Aid (TM)

  • Ginger (Y)

  • Lemon Ginger (Y)

  • Tulsi Turmeric Ginger (OI)

  • Tulsi Lemon Ginger (OI)

  • Stomach Ease(Y)

  • Smooth Move (TM)

  • Belly Comfort (TM)

  • After Dinner by Pukka

  • Turmeric by Rishi


  • Sleep Ezzzz (M)

  • Nighty Night (TM)

  • Bedtime (Y)

  • Tulsi Sleep (OI)

  • Cup of Calm (TM)

  • Honey Lavender Stress Relief (Y)

  • Chamomile (C)

  • Lemon Balm (TM)

  • Tulsi Original(OI)

  • Tulsi Sweet Rose (OI)

  • Antioxident Tea (M)

  • Ginkgo Recall (M)


  • Hawthorn with Hibiscus (TM)

  • Blood Pressure by Bravo Tea

  • Blood Sugar by Bravo Tea


  • Roastaroma by Celestial Seasoning

  • Rooibos with Madagacar Vanilla by Celestial Seasoning


  • Chai by Steep

  • Tulsi Marsala Chai (OI)

  • Masala Chai (C)

  • Masala Chai by Rishi

  • Chai by Tazo

  • Chai Rooibos (Decaf) (OI)


  • Black Tea by Equal Exchange

  • Earl Gray by Equal Exchange

  • Japanese Green (C)

  • Jasmine Green (C)

  • Matcha Powder 


  • Detox by Triple Leaf

  • Peach Detox by Yogi


  • Black Tea, Assam, FT, TGFOP

  • Chai Tea, Black FT

  • Darjeeling Tea, FT, FTGFOP

  • Essiac Tea

  • Green Tea, Sencha 

  • Rooibos Tea

  • Yerba Mate Green


In All Its Forms - It Definitely Deserves Its Own Category

Organic Dark Chocolate Covered:

  • Almonds

  • Ginger

  • Coconut

Chocolate Chips:

  • From Equal Exchange, Organic, Dairy Free, Dark, 70% Cacao

  • From Equal Exchange, Organic, Dairy Free, Semi-Sweet, 55 % Cacao

Chocolate Bars:​​

  • Equal Exchange Organic Panama Dark Chocolate 80% Cacao

  • Alter Eco Organic Truffles

    • Velvet - Like milk chocolate but diary free​

    • Dark

    • Dark with caramel and sea salt

    • Super Dark

  • Alter Eco Bar Organic Quinoa Crunch​

Chocolate Candies:

Justin's Organic Nut Butter Cups:

  • Milk chocolate and peanut butter

  • Dark chocolate and peanut butter

  • Dark chocolate and almond butter

Honey Acres:

  • Unsweetened Dark chocolate patties with a creamed honey and mint flavored center. 

Rainbow Drops:

  • A milk chocolate drop with a colored candy shell

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