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Who We Are

How It All Began...

​In 1973, Winnie Cantin - at the time mother of 3 - had a mission to source only fresh, organic food and produce for her family and friends. She did this by organizing a co-op and establishing close relationships with local farms. Through this process, Winnie became incredibly knowledgeable in natural health and whole-foods nutrition - a pioneer in a burgeoning community of people who wanted more transparency and integrity in the food industry. 

The following year at the budding of spring, a pigeon that the Cantin’s were nursing back to health over the winter flew into their garage and got lost. While clearing out the space to find their winged friend, Winnie, her family, and members of the co-op saw what would make a perfect, little store. A year later, pregnant with her 4th child, Winnie officially opened Green Street Natural Food with the help and support of husband, Gerry Cantin.

Over the decades, Winnie and Gerry raised their family in the house that the store still stands behind. Needless to say, growing up with a natural food store in your backyard beckons a unique upbringing that promotes well-being at its finest. Jason Cantin, the only boy and youngest of 4, was like a sponge from birth, absorbing all there was to know about natural food and holistic medicine, evolving with the store and business. In 1997, after graduating from Quinnipiac College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Jason returned to his roots to run the store with his parents.

Today, you can visit Winnie, Gerry, and Jason—now father of 3 growing boys—at the little store behind the white house on Green Street in Melrose, MA. With more than 45 years of industry experience and research, you can trust this local treasure chest of all things natural health and wellness. In a changing time, Green Street has never lost the personal touches of small business, still priding itself on the foundational pillars of real food, earth medicine, heartfelt communication, and above all community support. Whether it’s delicious recipes or wellness tips from Winnie; valuable life lessons or the latest industry news from Gerry; or the guidance and knowledge of Jason with all his years of research, education, and experience – Green Street Natural Food is your one-stop-shop for all your natural health needs!

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