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Save with Bulk Ordering

Buy items in advance for cheaper prices! Available for small or large purchases. Click here to learn more.

CBD Retailer

High-quality and third party tested. All products derived from hemp. Visit us at the store to learn more.

Local Honey & Other Bee Products

Raw local honey, bee pollen, wax, and more!


Freshly Ground Coffee

We sell the best organic coffee beans around - ask for them to be ground fresh in store!

Freshly ground Peanut & Almond Butter

Organic, delicious, nothing added. Freshly ground in store! Buy as little or as much as your want. Pay by the pound.

Bulk Herb, Spice, & Tea Shop

We carry over 150 different dried herbs, spices, and teas in bulk - all organic! Get as little or as much as you need. Bring your own jars! We also sell empty jars to get you started if needed.