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We have for bread for all tastes-from chewy or light, fully whole grain or blends --many are organic and all are vegan & super yummy!

Dan’s Brick Oven Sourdough Bread.

We are the lucky recipients of Dan’s artisan simple perfection made with whole grains & a few simple ingredients. Sliced and Delivered on Fridays if Dan is baking (he only bakes about once a month).  Available fresh on Friday and Saturday and in our freezer everyday.

Maria and Ricardo's

Organic White Flour Tortillas 8 inch

White Flour Tortillas 10 inch

Ozery Bakery - Vegan, Organic

Sandwich Flats

Deland Bakery:

All natural and made with a blend of Millet & Rice and some wheat flour​

  • Zucchini: no sweetener, just added zucchini & carrot for moisture & flavor


We are thrilled to offer the most amazing gluten-free bread made anywhere—seriously! Many of our family and customers prefer this bread over their gluten counterparts as they are light, easy to digest, satisfying, and nutritious.

Deland Bakery:

All natural gluten-free made with a blend of Millet & Rice Flour

  • Regular: A plain multi-purpose bread with yeast

  • Special: Plain Multi purpose bread without yeast

  • Cinnamon & Raisin

Sami’s Bakery:  

All-natural gluten-free made with Millet and Rice Flour

  • Millet & Flax Bagel Plain

  • Millet & Flax Bagel Cinnamon & Raisin

  • Bagel Plain Sourdough

  • Millet & Flax Pita Pockets ( best pita pocket !)

  • Millet & Flax Lavash(flat bread)

  • Pizza Shells- Yeah- an easy yummy GF pizza option!

  • Millet and Flax Sub Rolls (12g of fiber and 19g of protein per roll)


Whole Wheat, Semolina, Gluten Free and More


Organic Whole Wheat Imported from Italy:

  • Fettuccine

  • Fusilli

  • Penne

  • Spaghetti


All of the pasta is certified organic and imported from Italy:

  • Elbows

  • Fusilli

  • Lasagna

  • Capellini (angle hair)

  • Orzo

  • Annie's Wisconsin Cheddar Mac and Cheese


Jovial & Tinkyada Brand Pasta, Brown Rice & Organic

  • Lasagna

  • Penne

  • Spaghetti

  • Spirals

  • Jovial Spirals

Andean Dream Pasta: Blend of Quinoa and Rice

  • Macaroni

  • Penne

  • Spaghetti

  • Turmeric Penne


Bean based pasta, gluten free and high protein

  • Black Bean Spaghetti

  • Chickpea Fusilli

  • Edamame and Mung Bean Fettuccini

  • Green Lentil Penne

  • Red Lentil Penne

Asian Style Pasta:

  • Kelp Noodles, Gluten Free, Low Calorie

  • Pad Thai Rice Noodles, Organic and Gluten Free

  • Ramen Noodle Cakes, Millet and Brown Rice - Organic & Gluten Free

  • Soba, Buckwheat and Semolina, Organic

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