Local Honey

Sourced from Melrose, Woburn, and Billerica our raw local honey is available all-year round.  Our honey is perfect for tea, baking and is the sweetest medicine on planet Earth.

The differences in the honey we carry come from the different times of year that the honey is collected.  Depending on what flowers the bees are going to greatly affects the color and flavor of the honey.


This is a dark amber color honey that is available in:

  • 1 lb Glass jar

  • 2 lb Glass jar

Billerica and Woburn:

Billerica honey is a dark almost black honey that starts off with a standard honey flavor that transitions into a dark maple like flavor. 

Woburn honey is the lightest of my honey that also the sweetest of the bunch.

We buy these honeys bulk in 60 lb containers and can repack it into different sizes for you.  Available in:

  • 12 oz Plastic Honey Bear

  • 24 oz Plastic Honey Bear

  • 16 oz Plastic wide mouth container

  • 32 oz Plastic wide mouth container


More Honey

  • 100% Certified Organic and Raw Honey

  • Raw Manuka Honey

  • Clover

  • Raw Tupuelo

Besides local honey we also carry some fun and functional honey from around the world.


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