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Oils are tough. Heating oils is a science. Past certain temperatures, oils turn to trans fat and you don’t want that messing around in your body! When there’s smoke, you’ve begun to decompose the oil and the nutrition evaporates.

Knowing the temperature limit for oils will greatly protect your health and will make cooking/baking a delight! Not only will food start to taste better, but you will gain the healthy array of beneficial fatty acids for your body!

For high heat applications (frying, wok cooking, popping corn), you want to use high smoke point oils: Cold-pressed Avocado Oil (510°), Expeller-pressed Almond Oil (490°), Expeller-pressed High Heat Safflower Oil (460°)

Unrefined oils for flavor (baking, salad dressings, pasta, sauces): Peanut Oil (350°), Toasted Sesame Oil (350°), Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (350°), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (325°)

Nutriment oils for health: Flax Oil (225°), Enriched Flax Oil (225°), Flax/Borage Oil (225°), Wheat Germ Oil (225°)

** The temperature indicates smoking point.

When possible, use organic and unrefined oils. Here are our favorite brands:

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