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Avoid white, refined flours at all costs! All the nutrients have been stripped from the grain and what is left is a fatty, malnutritious substance that will wear down on your health. You want the WHOLE GRAIN.

The “whole grain” is the complete seed or kernel of a plant. Grains are made up of 3 parts: the endosperm, which contains starch and protein, the bran, which is rich in fiber, minerals, and phytonutrients, and the germ, which is full of B vitamins, vitamin E, and other antioxidants and minerals.

Arrowroot Powder is made from the root of a plant found in rainforest habitats. It is a gluten-free thickening agent. Great for thickening gluten-free desserts, sauces, and ice cream! Mix powder in a cool liquid before adding it to hot fluid.

Black Bean Flour locks in moisture. It is best used in chocolate recipes because the taste can be masked.

Brown Rice Flour can be used as an all-purpose, gluten-free flour. Because of its gritty, granular texture, this is the best flour to mix with black bean, coconut, and sorghum flour for gluten-free baking.

Coconut Flour is high in fiber (which Celiac sufferers are lacking) and is perfect for mixing with other flours for texture and moisture.

Millet Flour is great for locking in moisture. Unlike the black bean flour with a strong taste, millet is mild like wheat flour and is perfect for baked goods containing fruit or heavy liquids. It’s wonderful in banana bread!

Sorghum Flour is harvested from a grass. It’s high in iron, potassium, and phosphorous, and it has a sweet flavor.

Tapioca Starch has the lightest, finest texture of all the baking flours. It’s good to mix with gluten-free substitute flours.

Whole Wheat Flour can be used in any recipe for an all-purpose flour.

GLUTEN-FREE COOKIE FLOUR MEDLEY (makes 5-6 batches): 7 1/2 c Brown Rice Flour 2 1/2  c Arrowroot Powder 1 1/4 c Tapioca Starch 1 1/4 c Millet Flour

GLUTEN-FREE YELLOW CAKE FLOUR MEDLEY (makes 5-6 batches): 5 c Brown Rice Flour 2 1/2 c Coconut Flour 2 1/2 c Tapioca Flour

GLUTEN-FREE CHOCOLATE CAKE FLOUR MEDLEY (makes 5-6 batches): 5 c Brown Rice Flour 2 1/2 c Sorghum Flour 2 1/2 c Arrowroot Powder

GLUTEN-FREE BROWNIE FLOUR MEDLEY (makes 5-6 batches): 3 3/4 c Brown Rice Flour 1 1/4 c Arrowroot Powder 1 1/4 c Black Bean Flour

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